Visiting Friends

A very special moment to meet up with a fantastic warm hearted interior designer Judith Abraham from @ecoforestbathing and first meeting with the lovely and artistic Jenny Wardle from @graysandfeather : heartwarming spicy chai, in this inspiring Pop up café!
Tabassum is the founder of the Pink Tea Café, started in 2020 : for her teas and chai are the symbol of hospitality, bringing people together and fostering deep, meaningful ties.
It did just that on Saturday, thank you.
Meeting an inspiring photographer @dhonalumiere, talking art, exhibition, Paintings, interior design, interiors and the provoking of emotions through skilled arte facts and creations.
Keep updated on the pop ups and events on the Pink Tea Café website.


Sandra holds regular private viewings on demand, take up commissions and sells from her studio. Click below to make an arrangement.
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