We discovered a painting by Sandra several years ago: this sleek painting with bright colours aroused our curiosity, caught our eye... On the occasion of an exhibition, we fell under the spell of his work: fascinating colours, shapes and textures. 'Heliconia' now dresses up our newly decorated home and lights up the room with the vitality and elegance of its orange and turquoise tones.
O & M    Kent, UK

“The two paintings let me choose the mood to suit my patients’ needs in my treatment room. They make the room tranquil, warm and relaxing when I have the light low, and they become vibrant and energising when the light is brighter.”

Dawn   London, UK

“Sandra is a passionate, vibrant and unique artist. She has travelled the globe and continues to be inspired by the people, colours, textures and landscapes of some extraordinary places. Every one of her works tells a story. We are proud to have some significant pieces from her artistic library.
MS   London, UK

“I have followed Sandra’s work over the last 10 years or so and it has been a great experience to watch the progress during that time. We have become good friends and clients – we have several pieces of her work which enhance our property both in London and Mallorca”
Patrick Florence   London, UK

“Sandra exudes talent: her true nature shows many hidden feelings and thoughts that most of us may not see in every day life. I am not the first to eulogise her art, neither shall I be the last one, for her paintings place is in front of ourselves. And very few artists can achieve that connection with our minds”
Fernando Dario Gonzalez Grueso, Taiwan

“Sandra produces superb creative artwork for clients with specific requirements. Her creations enhance any room and will undoubtedly provide that sought after focal point for those who seek dramatic yet cohesive interior design. The two pieces she produced for me look wonderful and are much admired”
KG   Bolton, UK

“Sandra’s work displays energy and creativity which translates beautifully from concept to reality. The diversity of themes that Sandra explores demonstrates that rare talent of an artist: the ability to challenge and delight in the same instant”
PT   Paris, France

“A very dynamic an energetic person who was a brilliant teacher than turned into a successful artist. Whatever Sandra does or creates is very inspiring with a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’.”
CP   Paris, France




“Sandra’s work displays energy and creativity which translates beautifully from concept to reality. The diversity of themes that Sandra explores demonstrates that rare talent of an artist: the ability to challenge and delight in the same instant”
PT   Johannesburg, South Africa

“I find your art strong, purposeful and compelling. The textures, strokes and finishes are so varied. The colour palette is robust and solid, but still achieves subtlety. The paintings evoke moods and feelings from the most sentimental and gentle to the passionate and powerful. I love your work!”
ELF   London, UK

“I have been following Sandra’s work for quite a few years, for this is not ordinary abstract work, but Impressionism and Japanese run behind the compositions”
DAG   Taichung, Taiwan

“I like your artwork for the sense of flowing, serenity and freedom it gives, as much as for the various emotions which emanate from the canvasses: from peaceful to joyful, the range is rich. The sense of psychological depth is another element I find attractive, along with the exotic atmosphere you create”
CD   London, UK

“We love the vibrant colours and the individual nature of each piece. Sandra has used a full palette of bright and exciting colours which complement her creative and unique canvases”
JG   Manchester, UK



In a word, Sandra’s artwork is ‘sensational’. I have three of her pieces in my living room. If only there were room for more…!
JS   Darwin, UK

“I chose your painting for its colour and positive energy. It is in our bedroom, the first thing I see every morning when I wake up”
AS   London, UK

“I like the colours, the sense of fun, and the taste of the exotic”
EF   London, UK

“… very energising and I love the colours and different textures”
JM   Dinard, France

“I love the energy in the colours combined with elegance and the creativity”
RI   Italy

“Your paintings often make me travel through colours and textures. I love the abstract element, and I always want to touch them. The themes of water and Asia are probably my favourite because they are mysterious and puzzling”
JG London, UK

“We thought it would be nice to decorate our new garden room around the flowing colours in the three paintings we chose at an exhibition”
BM   Stoney Stratford, UK

“I love how Sandra’s paintings play with texture and colour: her choice of materials for our two paintings create an effect like liquid fire on glacier snow, and brought sunlit vitality to our home.”
SR   Singapore



“The colour and energy in your art creates a striking focus in a room”
RB   Burgess Hill, UK

“I have one of Sandra’s painting in my living room. I absolutely love it!!!”
DM   Brussels, Belgium

“I love the different media you use to create some depth. Your artwork creates a contemporary and peaceful feeling to my rooms”
SC   London, UK

“Your paintings make me travel to other countries”
RS   Madrid, Spain

“The new collections are superb. As you enter our living room the striking colour of Mezcal immediately catches the eye and draws your attention with its dramatic imagery… Yet we find in the evening, with softer lighting, it takes on a more reflective and restful quality”
KG   Horwich, UK

“When I am having a bad day, I look at your painting and it makes me feel much better. There is always hope in your artwork”.
RS   Madrid, Spain

“…brings colours, movement, energy, and peacefulness at the same time. Fresh and original, just like the artist!”
VG   Cumbria, UK