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Sandra Menant

Sandra Menant is an independent international artist, who works from her Wimbledon Park studio in London. She is a colourist, with a preference for vibrant pigments and textures to create atmospheric canvases. Her artwork has been sold to collectors across Europe, in America, and in Asia.

She values the emotional bond between her creations and the inner feelings of the art collectors. Her style is frequently energetic and impulsive, and she loves using the contrast of mat background with varnishes to produce a sheen over heavily textured surfaces. She often works with powdery pigment, granule paste, crackle, adding inclusions of metal bars, flakes, gold leaf or sand.

These are the ingredients she uses to create emotional moods. Sandra is a colourist, with a preference for vibrant pigments.

She feels such joy and peace whilst painting. It is a mindful exercise, and she delights in sharing the result with art lovers, friends, and ultimately the public. In addition to painting, she actively promotes her artwork on Social Media, private viewings and exhibitions.

She also has a small body of work in oil pastel on paper, watercolour, and more recently decorative glass panels. All paintings are original, one off, signed on the front of the canvas, and ready to hang. Currently, Sandra is working on a new South East Asian Series, and her artwork on her website is catalogued in Series: Cuban, Volcanic, Galactic, and Japanese.


Sandra holds regular private viewings on demand, take up commissions and sells from her studio. Click below to make an arrangement.
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