Chroma Art Exhibition – Sandra in talks

This is my presentation of “FUEGO”, selected with 2 other paintings, for the ongoing Exhibition CHROMA, curated by Ernesto Romano and organised by ArtCan at Cavendish Venues, America Square, London. You will hear me talk about my inspiration, recurring motives, volcanoes, Japan, and the motivation for painting those striking canvases. Contact me directly to find […]


Sandra Menant Artist - Homage to Hokusai

I admire Master Hokusai’s depiction of places of natural beauty around Japan : this composition on wood lends itself to contrast granules of pigments, gold leaves and earthy colours for an autumnal feel. Acrylic, pigment,varnish and gold leaf on a round wood panel 60 cm diameter x 1 cm Reference No: 299


Sakura time was the most beautiful present I could receive during my last visit to Japan. This painting is the reflection of those ephemeral petals floating on a pond of iridescence. Acrylic and varnish on canvas 60 cm W x 60 cm H x 4 cm D Reference No: 240  


A small hommage to Vincent Van Gogh, who stayed in Arles and painted such an amazing number of fabulous, mind blowing paintings. I am in total awe of his genius talent. Watercolour on paper 42cm Wide x 30cm High Reference No: 300


Sandra Menant Artist - South East Asia Serie - Palmierreflet

I love trees, and palm trees sing to me- this imagined seascape was painted to dream and feel the soft breeze of the ocean at sunset. It was built slowly, layer upon layers of ancient paintings I did not want to see anymore. Acrylic and pastel on canvas 100cm Wide x 100cm High x 4cm […]


The amazing lotus flowers and buds float on green fluid varnish for this semi-abstract composition, memories of Thailand. Acrylic on canvas 60cm Wide x 60cm High x 4cm Deep Reference No: 297


Imagination takes me to galactic spaces, playing with colours and textures. Acrylic on canvas 60cm Wide x 60cm High x 4cm Deep Reference No: 293

KROLL NY Exhibition

Explore Kroll NY exhibition

Sandra Menant had the immense privilege to be selected in the Explore Exhibition at Kroll, New York, to show her painting Borders. Events and Exhibitions   From the Founder, Kate Enters. Our exhibition is part of the CSR programme for Kroll, and Explore 01 is launching in the brand new Headquarters for Kroll in New […]


  Experimenting with earth pigments from Roussillon, Luberon, I painted with emblematic ochres produced by traditional artisans. The reactions with the varnish, inks and solvents emerged as cracks, shapes were blooming organically. The strikingly coloured landscape inspired me as I directed the flows across the canvas. Quarrying the surface of our planet on a very low […]

FLUX Exhibition

Register via Eventbrite Let’s get together FLUX is hosting a new event, and Sandra woul’d love to see you there. Join Sandra for FLUX Exhibition June 2022 – Design District, 16 June 2022 at 18:00. » FLUX website Register soon because space is limited. We hope you’re able to join us! REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE […]

Member of the Artist Entrepreneur Club

INTERVIEW WITH GAVRIELLA   Listen to this interview to learn more about: Sandra’s inspiration from nature and Japanese landscapes How Sandra organizes her week to be much more productive and spend more time creating art in the studio How Sandra finds her buyers online and then sells her beautiful artworks in real life! Subscribe to […]


Acrylic,perspex bars, ink and varnish on canvas 102cm Wide x 41cm High x 4cm Deep Reference No: 116


River Culture Art Exhibition An exhibition of Art taking place in the Historical Merton Priory Chapter House. Local artists are exhibiting their work for the Wandle Heritage local Charity which looks after and repairs the Wheelhouse at Merton Abbey Mills and for the Community Garden maintained by a non-profit group of volunteers organised by Bee […]