“We have followed Sandra’s work over the last few years now, and it has been fascinating to see her style evolve over this period. We have acquired some quite contrasting pieces of Sandra’s work, ranging from her earlier, full and very vibrant colours to more recent use of pastel shades and unusual materials.

Sandra’s very lively personality shines through in the art that she creates, and we are looking forward to following the next phase of her work.”    Heather and Patrick.



“We love the exciting and vibrant explosion of colours and imagery in this canvas, drawing the eye to an otherwise dull and colourless corner of the living room.”


“The subtle blend of blues and greens with splashes of red evoke the water theme of Aquasphere, suggestive of a calm and peaceful oasis, and giving us the perfect backdrop for relaxing at the end of the day.”


“Our daughter is delighted with the way this artwork adds a touch of elegance in her room. The fragility of the dying lilies is captured beautifully in bold colours of orange, pink and black, which provides the perfect contrast to the plain blue walls.” June, Keith and Ashley.




Sandra holds regular private viewings on demand, take up commissions and sells from her studio. Click below to make an arrangement.
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