Sandra is an independent artist working from her Wimbledon Studio in London.

She loves making compositions, abstract or semi-figurative, to engage the imagination, and create emotional bonds between her paintings and the art lovers’ inner feelings.

Palette choice and texture produce dynamic, original canvases to bring life to your space.

Sandra is a colourist, with a preference for vibrant pigments: her style is inspired by travels and iconic cultural motifs, plants and atmospheres.

Her work is catalogued in Series: Japanese, Volcanic, and the latest being South East Asia.

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Private viewings, Solo shows or Collective Exhibitions are an essential part of my work: I am proud to share my original creations with art lovers, and ultimately to sell worldwide, for private collectors or Interior Design projects.

Explore Kroll NY exhibition

KROLL NY Exhibition

Sandra Menant had the immense privilege to be selected in the Explore Exhibition at Kroll, New York, to show her painting Borders. Events and Exhibitions

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All my original paintings are for sale.

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Sandra will be very happy to welcome you for a private, informal viewing at her home studio near Wimbledon.
Free delivery and installation in the Greater London area. Ship worldwide.