Art360: Reimagined

Sandra exhibits her paintings at the ‘Reimagined’ Exhibition 8 Oct-9 Jan Sadly due to Covid, Pure have been unable to deliver their spectacular annual artists open showcase since 2019. Pure are delighted to now present to you an exhibition of truly exceptional quality at the Beauport House Gallery, Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings. » More info […]


Sandra Menant Artist – Parasol

From the “Japanese Series”, this abstract and textured canvas feels soft and mysterious. Depending on the lighting, the atmosphere created varies: mat chalk paint, acrylic layers, flakes of gold leaves and a brass bar across the Moon motif let the viewer’s imagination wander. Acrylic, inks, varnish, chalk paint, brushed brass bar, gold leaf on canvas […]

Looking forward to Autumn evenings

My dear friend Rebecca, journalist, writes about the painting she bought recently: “Who’s looking forward to autumn evenings? I can’t wait to cosy up with a book in this perfect corner next to my beautiful painting by Sandra. This exuberant textured canvas absolutely transforms this room. I can’t stop looking at it – and even have a […]

Mughal Wall and other paintings exhibited now

I am delighted to be exhibiting with Pure Arts Group as part of the Material Nature exhibition at Beauport House Gallery at Bannatyne Hotel Spa in Hastings. The exhibition can be viewed throughout the ground floor of the Hotel and includes some outstanding contemporary artwork by fellow Pure members. The exhibition is open everyday until […]

Visiting Friends

A very special moment to meet up with a fantastic warm hearted interior designer Judith Abraham from @ecoforestbathing and first meeting with the lovely and artistic Jenny Wardle from @graysandfeather : heartwarming spicy chai, in this inspiring Pop up café! Tabassum is the founder of the Pink Tea Café, started in 2020 : for her […]


Another Kami, spirit of the wild, came through from the textures and organic patterns made by flowing varnish. Perfect for a donation to Sussex Wildlife Trust during the Sussex Art Fairs in July 2021. Acrylic, inks and varnish on canvas 25cm x 20cm Reference No: 292


Sandra Menant Artist - South East Asia - Banyan

The Banyan tree is the national tree of India. This amazing tree is mythical, magical and spirited in many countries of South East Asia. I love and admire trees: here, the inks dropped in varnish made it appear… Did you know that the oldest living bonsaï in Taiwan is a 240 year-old banyan tree in […]


An abstract impression of a seascape at sunset. It now lives near the sea in Brittany. Acrylic, and varnish on canvas 60 cm W x 60 cm H x 4 cm D Reference No: 39


A light abstraction of perhaps Strelizias…Japanese influence and minimalist brush strokes. Acrylic, inks, varnish and perspex bars on canvas 102cm H x41cm Wx4cmD Reference No: 103


Persian carpet motives abstracted on canvas: rich reds, sand grains, layers of gold and melting varnishes create a lustre for a very decorative painting. Acrylic, inks, sand and varnishes on deep edge canvas 60 cm W x 60 cm H x 4 cm D Reference No: 237


A new feel for this Cuban painting. A bespoke frame was made from solid ash hardwood with a satin finish, and dismountable. Acrylic, inks and varnish on canvas 100x100x4cm


Acrylic, varnish and crackle on canvas 60 cm W x 60 cm H x 4 cm D Reference No: 43

4 weeks to Sussex Art Fairs!

Returning for a second year at the world renowned Goodwood race Course, over 100 exhibitors will be situated throughout 2 main halls. I shall be on STAND 12, with my latest paintings for sale. Friday 2nd July: The Private View 5 pm to 9 pm Saturday 3rd July; 11 am to 6 pm Sunday 4th […]

Member of ART CAN

Art Can creates, promotes, maintains and improves opportunities for contemporary artists without compromise to their artistic exploration and development. ArtCan enables artists to find their voice and sustain their practices. Follow here and Social media posts for future exhibitions and events this year.

Member of Pure Arts Group

After a 5 days challenge last week, to go towards clarity and well defined goals, I can only thank Lesley Samms and the Pure Arts group team and collective to help me grow as an independent artist. I have now joined the group and will share the support with other artists and plan ahead for […]


From the “Galactic Series”, moons in all their splendour became a motive to explore the round shape and play with texture. This canvas is organic, striking and free flowing. Acrylic, inks, sand and varnish on canvas 101 cm W x 101 cm H x 4 cm D Reference No: 216

Greenery day in Japan-2021

Today, 4th May 2021, is Greenery day in Japan. Today I present you “Lushness” in situ. The gentle powdery green frames the movement of the varnishes, mingling with the inks. The result is organic: trees and plants were my inspiration, I associate the colour green with peaceful nature, tree contemplation and the need to re- […]


Artwork Portal tagged products from their shop. ARTWORK PORTAL Spotlight: Sandra Menant Art. Sandra Menant is French, born in Paris and raised in Ferney, Voltaire near Geneva. She is an independent international artist, who works from her Wimbledon Park studio in London. After years of teaching Spanish, focusing on Latin American culture and world […]