“This piece is a brilliant burst of colour that draws the eye towards it in an almost hypnotic fashion. It is a hurricane of colour that shifts and swirls and seems to be almost alive. This painting looks different every time you see it and your eye is drawn to lit up new features.”


“This 3-d piece is an unusual combination of a startling blue and a shimmering copper netting. The contrast between the blue and the copper evokes the images of beaches, and the bright yet blurry memories of a holiday. The graduation of a deep inky blue to the singing midday sky tugs at memories of lazy days watching the sky change in the summer’s heat.”


“This artwork imposes the images of a wave; it shows the essence of a breaking wave, the crashing of water, flying spray and the cracking sea foam. It inspires awe and wonder. The scorching orange sand is a perfect contrast to the cool azure of the wave. The sea foam is also a reminder of a receding wave and drying sand making the wall of water all the more awe-inspiring.”  Eva


“The eruptive, volcanic feelings of these vibrant colours emerging from the cracked crater of this abstract art , gives a statement on its own: power and beauty are woven together in an informal but elegant unframed canvas , filling the wall of my dining room in a lively and striking manner.”  Teresa


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