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In the latest months of travels through South East Asia last year, before the world locked down, borders were already a source of inspiration, they are fictional and puzzling: this large abstract painting relates to the sphere of the countries visited. India, Myanmar and Thailand are constantly in the news, but living and discovering wonderful […]


The first session of therapy with hypnosis: my emotional world appears in colours. I had to paint this vision, feeling very calm in full relaxation! Acrylic, paper, inks, sand , varnish and a thin brass bar on canvas 90 cm W x 65 cm H x 2 cm D Reference No: 282


The feathered leaves and fluffy early flowers of the Mimosa trees signify Spring to me. Their scent and beauty is forever linked to a special trip to Crete with my father. Acrylic and oil pastels on paper 42 cm W x 30 cm H Reference No: 288


Sandra Menant Artist - South East Asia Serie - Sunflower Tondo

Overwhelmed with the beauty of the countryside in Pindaya, northern Myanmar, I painted a granulated, textured heart to oversized sunflowers petals creating a semi-abstract composition on a round wood board. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, fleshy and vibrant. Acrylic, varnishes on a round board 50 cm Diameter Reference No: 280


A vibrant and abstract canvas, created horizontally with powdery pigment and fluid, transparent varnishes. A deconstructed Lai Kranok pattern from Thailand catches the eye and allows the viewer to travel. Acrylic, pigment and varnish on canvas 102cm Wide x 41cm High x 4cm Deep  Reference No: 287


Kranok pattern is one of the most important in Thai motif patterns; the origin of Lai Kranok pattern is from the character of flame. Acrylic and varnish on board 30.5cm Wide x 25.5cm High x 4cm Deep  Reference No: 286


This painting is the first of my next Series, which is slowly being painted. It’s about fruits, their origin and the impact on the global scale, also concerning Climate change and cultural elements. Acrylic on canvas 60cm Wide x 60cm High x 4cm Deep  Reference No: 285


This dreamy composition was painted on the 31st December 2020, during a particularly lonely lockdown. I wanted to wake up with my toes in fine warm sand, and celebrate the arrival of 2021 on an imaginary Thai beach, with palm trees waving gently in the sunrise breeze. A painting for hope. Acrylic on canvas 90cm […]


The most perfect Thai waterlilies and lotus flowers in ponds, around temples and villages on stilts inspired me so much. The variety of fleshy tones of petals and the lily pads are an artist’s dream. They also symbolize the circle of life, and were sold in markets in gigantic hand- woven baskets. I chose a […]


Light turquoise and blue inks flow in varnish, interrupted by a textured metallic resin effect in this abstract painting. Acrylic and varnishes on canvas 60 cm Wide x 60 cm High x 4 cm Deep Reference No: 279


Oil pastels and gouache on paper 40 cm Wide x 30 cm High x 4 cm Deep – FRAMED Reference No: 278


The hills of Sagaing dominate the beautiful Irrawaddy river outside Mandalay, Myanmar. An imaginary moonrise glows on a landscape peppered with Buddhist monastries. I used soft pastels and oil pastels to create a hot and magical night scene. Oil Pastels on paper 40 cm Wide x 30 cm High x 4 cm Deep – Framed […]


From the South East Asia series, layers of history peer through crumbling plaster of this imaginary palace wall. Textured surfaces break in a trompe l’oeil effect to reveal a Mughal motive. Acrylic, sand, spray and varnish on canvas 100 cm Wide x 100 cm High x 4 cm Deep Reference No: 276


Sandra Menant Artist - South East Asia Serie - Bagan

A semi-figurative vibrant landscape composed with layers of paint and varnish. I painted this canvas on the return, still seeped in the sensation of wonder for the large plains of Bagan, Myanmar. The magical ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples radiate from the heat at sunset. A hot air balloon rise slowly above Ananda Pahto. Acrylic […]


Imaginary landscape of breathtaking Bagan, Myanmar: temples are peppered amongst low hills, palm trees and rivers in this vast plain. Only rooftops and a tall viewing tower let one admire exceptional sunsets. Acrylic, oil pastels and  varnish on canvas 102 cm Wide x 41 cm High x 4 cm Deep Reference No: 273


A round board was the perfect support to paint a textured impression from Bikaner Maharadjah’s Palace ceiling. The motives of walls and ceilings were painted by hand, with unusual abstract cloud organic vegetal colours. Acrylic, spray, pigment and  varnish on board 50cm diameter Reference No: 272


  Where travel inspiration can be a homage to a Cultural Heritage Conservation Program at Sunder Nursery Park in Delhi. I was overwhelmed with the beautiful restoration of severely delapidated Mughal Tombs and decorative works, employing local craftsmen within a museum of trees, gardens, fountains, recovering micro-habitats and biodiversity for the delight of Delhi’s inhabitants. […]


After months of travel, India has become the emblematic painting of the new South East Asia Series. A tumbling semi- figurative bouquet displays a new palette; you may spot a Buddhist symbol.  A golden block print motive is a homage to the ancient skills of Bagru craftsmen. Acrylic and varnish on canvas 100 cm Wide […]


The South East Asia series started after months of travels. The iconic elegant leaves from this amazing tree have inspired several paintings: they represent a number of symbols in Buddhism, and the tree is associated with the path to enlightenment. Acrylic and varnish on canvas 41 cm Wide x 102cm High x 4cm Deep  Reference […]

Sandra Menant at SKT Gallery

Sandar Menant artist at SKT Gallery

  THE SCATTERED GALLERY PROJECT SKT is a gallery scattered all over the world. Thanks to the technology, SKT are able to provide artists tools to spread their art worldwide in a virtual gallery. “Gingko Fuji Moon” showcases my Japanese Series: Iconic leaf, Volcano and Moon motives. Sandra will exhibit her work at SKT from the 1st of […]


“Sandra produces superb creative artwork for clients with specific requirements. Her creations enhance any room and will undoubtedly provide that sought after focal point for those who seek dramatic yet cohesive interior design. The two pieces she produced for me look wonderful and are much admired.“ A client in Lancashire. “I met Sandra in the […]