Light turquoise and blue inks flow in varnish, interrupted by a textured metallic resin effect in this abstract painting.


Acrylic, pigment and gold leaf on canvas 46 cm Wide x 102cm High x 4cm Deep  Reference No: 206  


A semi-abstract composition inspired by Master Hiroshige who was very fond of the dramatic cryptomere pine branches sweeping across landscapes. The wind brushes the trees whilst the moon peers through clouds, creating an atmosphere of quiet beauty. Chalk paint textures the background, and adds to the etherealness.


The South East Asia series started after months of travels. The iconic elegant leaves from this amazing tree have inspired several paintings: they represent a number of symbols in Buddhism, and the tree is associated with the path to enlightenment.


Part of the “Japanese Series”, those semi-figurative cranes on a soft gold sheen canvas could be inspired by kimono motives and screens.


Sea water and soft water meet in my mind: deep turquoise and cobalt blue varnishes flow side by side. They only merge to create a translucent crackle which is organic and decorative.


In the latest months of travels, before the world locked down, borders were already a source of inspiration: they are fictional and puzzling: this large abstract painting relates to the sphere of the countries visited.